* The year reflects the year the award was presented.

2018 Awards Committee

Pilgrim Jury: Keren Omry (ch), Mark Bould, Joan Gordon

Pioneer Jury: Siobhan Carroll (ch), Scott Selisker, Joan Haran

Clareson Jury: Rob Latham (ch), Sonja Fritsche, PaweĊ‚ Frelik

Mary Kay Bray Jury: Brittany Roberts (ch), Stefan Rabitsch, Thomas Connolly 

Student Paper Jury: Hugh Charles O’Connell (ch), Stina Attebery, Peter Sands 

2017 Awards Committee
Pilgrim Jury: John Rieder (ch), Keren Omry, Mark Bould

Pioneer Jury: Gerry Canavan (ch), Siobhan Carroll, Scott Selisker

Clareson Jury: DeWitt Kilgore, Rob Latham, Sonja Fritsche

Mary Kay Bray Jury: Isiah Lavender III, Brittany Roberts, Stefan Rabitsch

Student Paper Jury: Taryne Taylor, Hugh Charles O'Connell, Stina Attebery

2016 Awards Committee
Pilgrim Jury: Craig Jacobsen (ch), John Rieder, Keren Omry

Pioneer Jury: David Higgins (ch), Gerry Canavan, Siobhan Carroll

Clareson Jury: Grace Dillon (ch), DeWitt Kilgore, Rob Latham

Mary Kay Bray Jury: Larisa Mikhaylova (ch), Isiah Lavender III, Brittany Roberts

Student Paper Jury: Shawn Malley (ch), Taryne Taylor, Hugh Charles O'Connell

2015 Awards Committee
Pilgrim Jury: Lisa Yaszek (ch), Craig Jacobsen, John Rieder

Pioneer Jury: Amy Ransom (ch), David Higgins, Gerry Canavan

Clareson Jury: Alan Elms (ch), Ed Carmien, DeWitt Kilgore

Mary Kay Bray Jury: T. S. Miller (ch), Larisa Mikhaylova, Isiah Lavender III

Student Paper Jury: Eric Otto (ch), Shawn Malley, Taryne Taylor

2014 Awards Committee
Pilgrim Jury: Roger Luckhurst (ch), Lisa Yaszek, Craig Jacobsen

Pioneer Jury: Keren Omry (ch), Amy Ransom, David Higgins

Clareson Jury: Alan Elms (ch), Ed Carmien, Grace Dillon

Mary Kay Bray Jury: Joan Haran (ch), T. S. Miller, Larisa Mikhaylova

Student Paper Jury: Sonja Fritzsche (ch), Eric Otto, Shawn Malley

2013 Awards Committee
Pilgrim Jury: Brian Attebery (ch), Roger Luckhurst, Lisa Yaszek

Pioneer Jury: Neil Easterbrook (ch), Keren Omry, Amy Ransom

Clareson Jury: Joan Gordon (ch), Alan Elms, Ed Carmien

Mary Kay Bray Jury: Sharon Sharp (ch), Joan Haran, T. S. Miller

Student Paper Jury: James Thrall (ch), Sonja Fritzsche, Eric Otto

2012 Awards Committee
Pilgrim Jury: Gary Wolfe (ch), Marleen Barr, Brian Attebery

Pioneer Jury: De Witt Kilgore (ch), Neil Easterbrook, Keren Omry

Clareson Jury: Paul Kincaid (ch), Andy Sawyer, Joan Gordon

Mary Kay Bray Jury: Jason Ellis (ch), Susan George, Sharon Sharp

Student Paper Jury: David Mead (ch), Alfredo Suppia, James Thrall

The EC greatly encourages interested SFRA members to volunteer for these committees. Any interested members should contact the current SFRA president at k.omry.haifa@gmail.com.

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