Clareson Award

The Thomas D. Clareson Award for Distinguished Service is presented for outstanding service activities-promotion of SF teaching and study, editing, reviewing, editorial writing, publishing, organizing meetings, mentoring, and leadership in SF/fantasy organizations.

1996  Frederik Pohl
1997  James Gunn
1998  Elizabeth Anne Hull
1999  David G. Hartwell
2000  Arthur O. Lewis
2001  Donald "Mack" Hassler
2002  Joan Gordon
2003  Joe Sanders
2004  Patricia Warrick
2005  Muriel Becker
2006  Paul Kincaid
2007  Michael Levy
2008  Andy Sawyer
2009  Hal Hall
2010  David Mead
2011  The Tiptree Motherboard (Karen Joy Fowler, Debbie Notkin, Ellen Klages, Jeanne Gomoll, Jeff Smith, Pat Murphy)
2012 Arthur B. Evans
2013 Rob Latham
2014 Lisa Yaszek