SFRA 2002 Provisional Programme

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Friday 28th June Stream A Stream B
12.30 Registration    
13.45   Event a
Chair: Farah Mendlesohn
    Brief Welcome  
14.00   Event b
Chair: Andrew M. Butler
Event c

Donald Hassler
(Kent State)
'Cadigan, Byatt and Language'

Peter G. Christensen
(Cardinal Stritch University)
'Social Radicalism and the Early Mars Novels (1897-1922)'


Philip Snyder
(Monroe Community College)
'Pat Cadigan as Horror Writer'

Nicholas Ruddick
(University of Regina)
'Ignatius Donnelly's Caesar's Column (1890): A Forgotten Classic of American sf'



Mike Levy
(University of Wisconsin–Stout)
'A. Merrit's The Moon Pool and Madame Blavatsky'

15.30 Tea    
16.00   Event d
Chair: Farah Mendlesohn
Event e
Chair: Bridget Wilkinson

Maureen Kincaid Speller
(Independent Scholar)
'Knowing One's Place: An Examination of the Role of External and Internal Landscapes in the Novels of Alan Garner'

Helena Heroldova
'"Electric World" (1909) - Early Twentieth Century Chinese Vision of the World in the Twenty-second Century as a Personal Experience'


Sandy Lindow
'Becoming Dragon: The Transcendence of the Damaged Child in Ursula Le Guin'

Elisabeth Kraus
(Institut fur Amerikanistik Karl-Franzens-Universitat)
'Kurd Lasswitz' novel Auf zwei Planeten (1897) in the Context of Spiritual and Ecological Reform Movements in Germany'


Elizabeth Kedge
'The search for a utopia in the works of Diana Wynne Jones with specific reference to The Homeward Bounders and Fire and Hemlock'

Danny Han-Chang Lin
(National Chu-Shan Senior High School, ROC)
'The Long and Winding Road to Science Fiction: A Study of SF Genre in Taiwan'



Larisa Mikhaylova
'To Live in Peace - Is it a Utopia?: Ivan Yefremov's Novels and KEO Project'

18.30 Dinner    
19.30   Event f
Chair: Andrew M. Butler
    Guest of Honour  

Pat Cadigan


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Saturday 29th June Stream A Stream B Stream C
9.30   Event g
Chair: Andrew M. Butler
Event h
Chair: Roger Luckhurst
Event i
Chair: Andy Sawyer

Stefan Ekman
(Göteborg University) 'Anima ex Machina: The Emotional Lives of Alan Ayckbourn's Robots'

Herbert Shu Shun Chan
(National Chung Cheng University)
'Hyperspace and Heterotopia in Gibson's Neuromancer'

Johan Heje
'Catastrophe and Survival in Doris Lessing's fantastic and utopian fiction'


Lincoln Geraghty
(University of Nottingham)
'"For we must Consider that we shall be as a City upon a Hill, the eyes of all people are upon us": Colonial Migration, the American Jeremiad, and Star Trek's Puritan Legacy'

Raphael Murphy
(University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire)
'Beyond Realism: Complex Interdependence and Postinternationalism in William Gibson's Neuromancer Series'

Sam Mullaney
(University College Cork)
'Utopia's Enforcers'


Gordon MacNeil
'Storming the Ministry of Truth: Reclaiming the Media in V for Vendetta'

Jim Thrall
(Duke University)
'Building the Bridge: Love, Loss and Community in William Gibson'

Nickianne Moody
(Liverpool John Moores University)
'Paul Johnston's Status Quo: Platonic Edinburgh as a Tourist's Utopia'

11.00 Coffee      
11.30   Event j    
    Guest of Honour    

Paul McAuley

12.30 Lunch      
    Event k    

Joan Slonczewski
(Kenyon College)
'The Postmodern Prometheus: Clone with Joan'

14.00   Event l
Chair: Lincoln Geraghty
Event m Event n
Chair: Farah Mendlesohn

Andrew M. Butler
(Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College)
'The Magic Roundabout: An Ambiguous Utopia'

Bronwen Calvert
(University of East Anglia)
'Cyborg Utopia in Marge Piercy's Body of Glass'

Peter Brigg
(University of Guelph)
'Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon - The Knife-Edge'


Richard Erlich
(Miami University)
'The Seductive Texts of Forbidden Planet, 2001, The Matrix (and Some Other Sf Films)'

Edward James
(University of Reading/Rutgers University)
'Slavery and Utopian Striving in the Novels of Sheri S. Tepper'

Michelle Reid
'Australian Identity in Damien Broderick's The Dreaming Dragons'


Lorna Jowett
(University College Northampton)
'Disrupting Dystopia: Individual Achievement in the Dystopian Society'

Cathy McSporran
(University of Glasgow)
'The Gaping One Awakes: The myth of Dionysus in the fiction of Elizabeth Hand'

Matthew Moore
(University of Liverpool)
'Artistry, Nature and T.H. Huxley: John Wyndham's Encounters with Utopia'


Sarah Holt
'Visions in Dystopian Narratives - How the end of history marks the beginning of prophecy in post apocalyptic cinema'

Pawel Frelik
'"Sailing to New Orleans" - the return of technological utopia in Kathleen Ann Goonan's nanotech trilogy'

George Slusser
(University of California, Riverside)
'Heinlein and Globalization'

16.00 Tea      
16.15-17.15   Event o
Chair: Farah Mendlesohn
    Guest of Honour    

Ken Macleod
'Let's have another crack at imminentizing the eschaton'

19.30   Event p    
    Dinner and Awards    


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Sunday 30th June Stream A Stream B
9.00   Event q
Chair: Mike Levy
Event r

Paul Kincaid
(Independent scholar; administrator of the Arthur C Clarke Award)
'Thomas More and Utopia'

Pauline Archell-Thompson
'When dreams become reality: The Arcadian Utopia and Otherworlds in Fantasy Fiction: A study of Charles De Lint's Yarrow'


James Brown
(Middlesex University)
'Through the looking glass: Victor Frankenstein and Robert Owen'

Christine Mains
(University of Calgary)
'Wizards of the Future: The Mad Scientist in Joan D. Vinge's The Summer Queen'


Amy Clarke
(Sierra College)
'California as Utopia as seen in Le Guin and Robinson'

Warren Rochelle
'Making Utopia Real; Le Guin's Always Coming Home as Answer to Fuller's Summer on the Lakes, in 1843'

11.00 Coffee    
11.30   Event s Event t
Chair: Dave Mead

Mark Brake
(University of Glamorgan)
'Balkanisation, Barbarism and Bolshevism: Political Futures and the Fall Revolution'

Susan Knabe
'Viral Migration: AIDS and the Idea of Migration/Expulsion in Sf'


Adam Frisch
(Briar Cliff University)
'Tension and Progress in Ken MacLeod's Engines of Light Series'

Martin Griffith
(University of Glamorgan) 'Suffrage, Society and Utopia - Separatism and Science Fiction'


Anne Claydon
(Edge Hill College, Liverpool)
'Iain M. Banks, Anarchy and Utopia'

Elle Leane
(University of Tasmania)
'Antarctica as a Scientific Utopia'

13.00 Lunch    
14.00   Event u  
Chair: Edward James

Andy Sawyer
(University of Liverpool)

15.00   Event v
Chair: Andrew M. Butler
Event w

Dimitrios Karakousis
(University of Liverpool)
'Of Tenn and Monsters'

Roger Luckhurst
(Birkbeck College)
'Towards a Cultural History of Telepresence'


Chris West
(Nottingham Trent University) 'Perverting Science Fiction: Thinking the Alien Within the Genre'

Dianne Newell
(University of British Columbia)
'"Through Your Eyes": The A's (Aldiss, Asimov) to W's and Zs (Wilhelm, Zelany) of Judith Merril's "Helping/Shaping Hand"'


Wendy Pearson
(University of Wollongong)
'Homotopia?, Or: What's Behind a Prefix?'

Jan Bogstad
(University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire)
'Gabaldon's Outlander Series: Generic and Non-Generic Terms of Engagement for the Reader'

16.30 Tea    
16.45   Event x  
    Closing Plenary  

Two Worlds of SF: Is there really an Anglo American Alliance?


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Monday 1st July Meeting
9.00 (time and venue to be confirmed)


SFRA Business Meeting

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